Wonderkid Kaio Jorge to Sign for Napoli?

Kaio Jorge, the talented Brazilian striker signed for FC Santos, could make a move to Europe soon with Napoli a likely destination.

It would be one of the most exciting signings that Gli Azzurri fans have been treated to in several years. Kaio Jorge is touted as a trued wonderkid. His displays for FC Santos in Brazil have made him be considered one of the fastest rising stars in the world of football.

Jorge’s agent does not rule out a move to Napoli. He admits that Kaio, much like most young Brazilian players has the dream of one day playing in Europe. The next step forward in his evolution will have to be taken carefully.

The agent goes on to say that the thrill of playing for the club that also nurtured the career of Diego Maradona, could prove a major incentive for talented striker.

Kaio Jorge’s representative says that in spite of not making official contact with Napoli’s representatives such a transfer deal would make sense. He goes on to add that his client possesses the kind of flair and imagination that would surely prove an asset to most modern football clubs.

Certainly, Jorge seems ready for the task of joining one of the biggest football competitions in Europe and Napoli could a great choice in further developing his talent.

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