Walter Zenga Talk About Inter and Napoli’s Title Chances

Walter Zenga, one of Inter Milano’s most famous goalkeepers, has spoken his former side’s chances to capture the Scudetto, as well as of Napoli’s.

In an interview with Corriere Dello Sport, a Rome-based newspaper, the 61-year-old said that the top four teams in the current Serie A table have clearly distinguished themselves from the rest. Zenga thinks that these are all vying for the title.

Milan and Napoli had seven points ahead of Inter and ten in front of fourth-place Atalanta heading into the international break.

Since then, however, Partenopeiand the Rossoneri have squandered points. It has made the fight at the top all the more intense for the weeks to come.

Zenga says that the four teams are in a different league from the rest. It is unclear which team will win the Scudetto, according to the current football manager.

There is no looking past the top four and it is impossible, at the moment, to say who is most probable to win it. They are all in it, close to each other, each with their own particular qualities and each capable of hitting a very high level physically and technically. And each have very intelligent coaches on their bench.

Zenga also addressed the influence of the busy calendar of fixtures will have on the race for the Scudetto.

Europe will affect the Scudetto in part, but in my opinion, the lopsided calendar is the big variable of this year. After the break, Juventus vs. Napoli and Milan vs. Roma are the first matches; after that, Inter vs. Lazio and Roma vs. Juventus; then, the fifth the derby at San Siro.

Napoli is currently in third place in Serie A following their recent defeat to Atalanta.

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