Osimhen Denies Being Aware of Controversial Birthday Party

Victor Osimhen has fallen into hot waters after attending a birthday party celebration in his native Nigeria. The striker was later diagnosed with Covid-19.

The news did not sit well with the Napoli hierarchy. The forward was in treatment for a lengthy shoulder injury. Prior to the news of the coronavirus diagnostic, Osimhen was due to return to football in January.

Osimhen has now broken his silence on the controversial trip and party. He says that before going to Nigeria he had told his relatives he would not celebrate his birthday.

The player says that he had gone to sleep, unsuspecting of the fact that his sister had organized a celebration.

I could celebrate my birthday in other ways too, but I wasn’t in a good mood. I went downstairs and they were playing music, gospel.

Victor Osimhen also says that he did not stay at the party for longer than 10 minutes. He adds that following his positive test result he called his family. He requested that they all get tested. Subsequently, all of the player’s family members have received negative results.

Manager Gennaro Gattuso has publicly condemned Osimhen’s actions. However, he acknowledged that the player was quick to submit his apologies.

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