Napoli Could Earn Over 16 Million Euro in TV Revenue

Napoli who are currently sitting in third place in Serie A could earn over 16 million euros if the club manages to finish in the third position.

One match of the 2020/21 Serie A season remains to be played. Napoli takes on Verona, one of the season’s biggest surprises, on home turf. Victory could bring Gli Azzuri a place on the podium and a spot in next year’s Champions League.

The money refers to the TV revenue deal of the Serie A. Teams are awarded prize money based on the position in which they end the season. This does not take into account what the clubs that enter European competitions stand to earn next season.

Inter Milan and Atalanta have already booked their places for the Champions League. Inter will earn €23,4m. Atalanta will receive €19,4m.

Third place is set to be given €16,8m. There’s a difference of almost two million Euro between the third and fourth place in the standings. Napoli, AC Milan, and Juventus are currently battling for the spot. Two of the clubs are also set to earn a place in next season’s most important continental competition, the Champions League.

The three teams fighting for the last spot on the podium are all set to play on Sunday at the same hour.

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