Mauro Bellugi Warns Fans About COVID-19’s Possible Impact

Former Napoli player Mauro Bellugi talked about his recent health struggles and warned people to take measures against contracting the Covid virus.

The former defender has been going through some very difficult times recently. The 70-year-old recently spoke to Radio Uno about contracting the virus. Bellugi complicated to the new coronavirus has left Bellugi forced to have both his feet amputated.

You have to be an example and even if it’s hard, you can’t give up because you have your loved ones and you have to do everything there is to get home.“

Bellugi says although he tried to be as careful as possible in taking precautions, he believed that he contracted the disease in a moment in which he “let his guard down”.

Mauro Bellugi had a stellar playing career representing clubs like Napoli, Inter Milan, or Bologna. He was also a member of the Italian national team, making 32 appearances for Squdra Azzura.

Bellugi is stil recuperating in a hostpital in Milan and doctors are optimistic about his recovery.

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