Former Napoli Captain, Christian Maggio, Reflects on Gattuso’s Progress as Manager of the Team

Former Italy international and Napoli captain, Christian Maggio, talked about his time as a member of Gli Azzurri as well as the team’s current performances.

Maggio is currently enjoying his football, playing for Lecce in Serie B since 2021. In spite of this, the player will not rule out one day returning to Napoli, possibly as manager of the club.

The right-back says he has remained in contact with former teammates and that all of them have praised Gennaro Gattuso’s involvement as manager of the team.

Maggio also spoke about the impact that Rafael Benitez and Maurizio Sarri, former managers for the Partenopei side had on his development as a player. He says that the two had very different coaching styles, but both performed very well. He is also confident that if they should return to Napoli, the results are bound to be very good.

Finally, Maggio spoke about Faouzi Ghoulam, the player who occupied the right-back position for much of the season, prior to a terrible knee injury. The former Napoli captain praised Ghoulam’s attitude on the pitch and believes that the Algerian has what it takes to make a swift return to the field.

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