Elmas, Napoli’s Hero, as the Partenopei Earn Victory Away to AC Milan

Napoli is back in the fight for the Scudetto after an important victory against AC Milan, one of Italy’s top Serie A sides. Elif Elmas’ early goal provided the vital blow.

Napoli’s players have proven their resilience in one of Serie A’s derbies. Despite a number of absentees, the Partenopei managed a good performance against hosts AC Milan. More importantly, they managed to secure a win and got back into the fight for the Scudetto.

Luciano Spalletti opted for a familiar 4-2-3-1 approach. The squad selection, however, was one that included a number of improvisations. This was a consequence of a large number of injuries.

Meanwhile, AC Milan, also set up in a 4-2-3-1, was able to begin the match with most of the team’s stand-out stars.

Napoli got on the score sheet early. And, as it turned out, it would be a decisive blow. In the 5th minute, Piotr Zielinski’s cross met the header of Elif Elmas who put the Partenopei ahead.

AC Milan went looking for an equalizer. The Milanese team came close when Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s header narrowly missed the target in the 10th minute.

Ibrahimovic and Sandro Tonali continued to be dangerous for Milan, but Napoli held tight.

It ended 1-0 for Luciano Spalletti’s men and Napoli’s victory is back in the race for the Scudetto.

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