Details Emerge About Insigne’s Contract With Toronto FC

Napoli captain, Lorenzo Insigne, is set to sign a five-year contract with MLS side Toronto FC. New details about the deal have emerged.

Lorenzo Insigne and the Toronto representatives met in Rome on Tuesday evening, where they reached an agreement for five seasons.

In complete secrecy, the Napoli striker met representatives from the Canadian club in Rome’s St. Regis Hotel. However, sources in the Italian media claim to be aware of the details of the conversation.

Corriere dello Sport reports that the former Napoli captain has signed a contract for four years with Toronto FC, with an option for a fifth year worth 7.75 million Euro including bonuses and benefits. The benefits also include details regarding Insigne’s home, personal care, and car travel.

Insigne is unlikely to leave in January. Andrea D’Amico, agent and intermediary in the transfer to Toronto, told Radio Marte that the “deal was done in a flash”.

D’Amico also states he would have preferred that the negotiations be kept a secret:

These operations from my point of view should be kept secret until they are completed, because then there are so many variables. But keeping everything hidden is very difficult, including cell phones and cameras. Journalists do their job and we have an interest first in doing and then in communicating.

The agent also commented on potential fears of Insigne joining an inferior league to Serie A.

Is Insigne worried about going off the radar? I don’t want to cause controversy. Insigne is captain of Napoli and won the European Championship a few months ago. In sport, there is a very short historical memory. But, I think he does not run any kind of risk with regards to becoming forgotten.

I think it is an important experience for him. He steps into a system that has proven to be increasingly competitive. Moreover, in 2026 they will organize the World Cup there and Italy could probably stay in Toronto as a logistical base. Moreover, 8-9 clubs in Italian football have American owners.

Finally, D’Amico talked about whether or not Insigne had any other suitable offers for his services.

Did Insigne have other offers? This should be asked to his agent. I represented Toronto and I am proud and happy to have struck a deal. Did it do well or did it hurt? I don’t think that it’s correct to judge things this way.

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