Can Napoli still lose the Scudetto in 2023? Comparison with 86/87 and 89/90 season

Napoli looks on track to win their first Scudetto since 1990. With such tremendous performances behind and nearly half the season left to do, can anything go wrong?

I looked at how Napoli won Serie A previously and came to an altogether exciting conclusion.

Napoli in 1987

Napoli won its first Scudetto in the 1986/87 season. It’s a mythical event for all Gli Azzuri fans.

But did Napoli dominate that campaign as they’ve done in 2022/23?

Yes, for the most part. By the 20th round of the season, SSC Napoli was first in league with 31 points.

Familiar rivals, Juventus, sat four points behind. They were followed by AS Roma and Inter. AC Milan, a club that dominated much of European football during the late part of the 1980s, was only in fifth place.

Serie A included only 16 teams at that stage. While there were fewer matches played, there were fewer matches in which top clubs could be assured of victory.

Teams still received two points for a victory and one for a draw. This meant that winning against rival teams did not create as significant differences in the standings as today.

Napoli ended the season in first place with only three points separating them from runners-up Juventus.

Napoli in 1990

Napoli won its second Scudetto in 1990, with arguably the finest squad Gli Azzuri produced.

Once again, captain Diego Maradona was viewed as the main engine behind the team’s success in Italy and in European competitions.

They won the title once more, with only a three-point lead over rivals Juventus Turin.

By this stage, Serie A included 18 teams, increasing the teams’ schedules and forcing the title chasers to earn victories against teams like Cesena, Pisa, or Cagliari.

By the 20th round of the season, Napoli was leading the table with a two-point advantage over AC Milan.

Napoli in 2023

By the 20th round of the 2022/23 season, The Partenopei lead by a whopping 13 points!

It’s an unprecedented run of form. While good fortune may have played a part in all of this, Napoli’s victories over rivals like Juventus and AS Roma are enough to spur optimism.

I know what some cynics may say. Yes, Napoli led the Serie A table for some time last season as well.

However, this is quite a different squad, one that has proven its quality time and time again.

Can Napoli still lose the Scudetto in 2023? Stranger things have happened, but, usually not for a team of this quality.

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