Aurelio de Laurentiis Denies Desire to Sack Cristiano Giuntoli

Cristiano Giuntoli, the Sporting Director of Napoli is safe from sack reveals the club’s owner, De Laurentiis, as he revealed in a recent interview.

Repubblica had reported on the news previously. The newspaper announced that Gli Azzurri’s owner was intent on breaking ties with Cristiano Giuntoli, the club’s Sporting Director since 2015. It is safe to assume that the rumor may have started as a consequence of the recent period of turbulence surrounding the Naples side.

De Laurentiis took to Twitter today to give his side of the story. He denounced the information provided by Repubblica saying that he believes the reporters were merely out chasing a sensationalist headline.

Napoli’s owner went on to say that he has no intention of sacking Giuntoli. De Laurentiis thinks that some members of the Italian press may desire for several representatives of the club to lose their jobs in order to create a noteworthy news.

Reports of issues within the Napoli camp come days after reports that the club’s owner has been in contact with former manager Rafael Benitez. Some have speculated that the decision not to award Gennaro Gattuso a new contract at this time could be due to De Laurentiis studying the possibility of bringing in a new manager.

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